Croatia is an excellent area for Bareboat charter, and we can offer a very good selection of yachts from all of the main departure ports. For Bareboat Charter in Croatia we work with a large variety of local charter specialists operating from different ports all along the coast. These companies all charter their boats through specialise agents like ourselves, so there are no extra costs to you for booking your charter in this way. We then have direct access to their booking planners and so can very quickly give you an indication regarding availability across a broad range of suppliers for any particular date.

The first thing that anybody considering a Bareboat Charter has to do is narrow down their choices, usually in relation to sailing area, skippering qualifications, yacht type etc and to assist with this we have identified the main points below which anybody wanting a bareboat will need to consider.

  • A Bareboat Charter is where you make your way to a departure marina, rent a yacht for one or two weeks and then return the yacht either to the same marina or to a different one that has been pre arranged at the time of booking. This latter arrangement is know as a “one way charter” and there is usually a supplement for this. In virtually all cases yachts are available from 1700hrs on Saturdays and you must check out by 0900hrs on the Saturday that you depart. the season runs from the beginning of April until the end of October.
  • To rent a yacht on a Bareboat charter, Croatian Law states that there must be a licenced skipper on board and that there should also be someone with a VHF licence on board, usually the skipper. Possession of some form of skippers licence or paperwork is now insisted on by all companies to conform to the above regulations. No company wants to risk chartering a yacht where there may be an issue regarding insurance in the event of an incident.
  • Unfortunately this does now mean that even if you are an existing experienced skipper (often having sailed all your life) but do not have any paperwork as it is not legally required in your country, you will now have to get some kind of licence to charter a yacht in Croatia. However all that is required for this is the most basic level of approved licence and for most European countries this is the International Certificate of Competence which can easily be obtained by any competent skipper usually in a one day assessment. All national sailing authorities are able to carry out the assessments in their own countries, and as an International Yacht Training approved school, we can also asses both British and Irish nationals or citizens of those countries in our school on Murter for anybody interested in this option.
  • Commonsense dictates that, irrespective of what bits of paper you may have, you should not charter a yacht that is bigger than you and your crew feel comfortable to handle. Yachts range in size from 30 to 52ft, but you should certainly have more experience before taking a larger boat.
  • Many people come to bareboating as a follow on step from flotilla. If you are in this category, then you may be interested in the Bareboat/Flotilla programme that we offer from Murter. This is effectively a hybrid in that we still book a yacht as a bareboat for you in the normal way, but you are then free to join one of our flotillas or sail away completely independently from it as you please. This is often a very good way to Bareboat for the first time or to sail in Croatia for the first time. This option is only available from Murter.
  • If you only have a week available, there are basically three main areas to sail in Croatia, and you will find a brief overview of them by clicking here
  • the main reason that you may choose one area over another is likely to be related to where you can easily fly to. You will find information on flights to Croatia from both the UK and Ireland as well as the locations of the main airports by clicking here
Choosing a yacht:
  • Once you have established that you are qualified to take a yacht and know where where you want to sail, then all you need to do is send us a short email, with the above information including the dates that you want to travel and we can then get back to you with what is available from that location for that date. Please contact us here
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Croatia Flotilla Base Location
Croatia Flotilla Base Location